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About: Brownie

An even better Wolverine impression




[agecalc birthdate=”1986-11-26″]


Nottingham, England

Job in the real world:

Software Tester


  • Internetty Stuff
  • Watching Ice Hockey
  • Rock Climbing
  • The Gym (Not sure if I should count that as a hobby though)


Food: Spaghetti
Drink: Beer
TV program: Family Guy

Interesting Fact:

I have a collection of Game Boys that I’ve not long started. I’m also thinking of collecting old games consoles.

Web History:

I have been creating / maintaining web sites for around 10 years now. I’ve previously owned large web sites and have contributed to a number of other large web sites over the years. The last 2-3 years I’ve been fairly quiet in terms of an online presence.

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Date Created:


Idea behind the name:

The name came from a bit in a Honda advert (see below). I thought the “It’s Bananas Logical…” bit was quite funny, so I adapted it to “Banana Logic”. Cool, huh?


History: has been around for around 5 years now. The first 3 and a half years were occupied by the first Bananalogic, which was a site dedicated to funny pictures, sound files and video clips. The site was incredibly hard to update and required a lot of fiddling for very little return. Eventually I just stopped updating it and it lay dormant for around 18 months. Eventually I shut I down. For a few months, the site held links to an episode of the Twilight Zone with William Shatner in. I thought that was a cool idea. I started playing around with blogging scripts in late November with a view to get a site back online by the start of 2010. Then end results is what you see before you. Hope you like it 🙂

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