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First Person Mario Game 0

Make this. Make this NOW! continue reading »

Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man 0

The Spider-Man films would have been very different if the web came out of his arse! continue reading »

3D Chalk Stop Motion Snake Game 0

This is very impressive. What you have to remember is that he’s doing it from a weird perspective and he’s drawing something different to what you see. continue reading »

We Saw Your Boobs – Seth Macfarlane 0

I absolutely loved this song! The best bit is Jennifer Lawrence’s reaction! continue reading »

Ask me about my Ninja disguise 0

I need this T-Shirt in my life. continue reading »

1000th Post Spectacular!! 0

So I’m a little late with this one. Around 24ish posts too late, but hey, it’s my site I can do what I like. continue reading »

The Advantage of Being Called Thor 0

I can imagine this guy cleaning the store and shouting at the top of his voice “FOR ASGARD!!!”. continue reading »

Mr. T and the Foo Fighters 0

Mr. T being the biggest Foo’ of all is the ironiest of ironies. I think that’s how you say it? Yep. continue reading »

October 21st 2015 0

Only 3 more years to go until we get hover boards, self lacing shoes and clothes that dry themselves! continue reading »

Piano Juggling is a thing 0

Mother of God… continue reading » is powered by supercharged mountain lions fueled by salty Charlie Sheen tears.