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My life explained in a cartoon 0

This is exactly my life. I might look like one of you, but trust me, I’m not. continue reading »

Get back to work!! 0

For years I felt guilty at work every time I went on the Internet… continue reading »

Every Pizza Place 0

This is true. What a lot of Pizza places in the UK do is put it in a little plastic bag and tie a knot in it. As it’s on top of the pizza it gets all soggy and warm. You suck at salads, pizza place! continue reading »

Fuck Buddies 0

This is one sure-fire way to get your arse kicked! continue reading »

The Dark Knight Rinses 0

Well… good dental hygiene is just as important to superheroes than regular folk. continue reading »

Angry Batbirds 0

Rovio, please turn this into a proper game. I will send you a blank cheque, just please make it! continue reading »

Batman’s Revenge 0

Doesn’t go to plan… continue reading » is powered by supercharged mountain lions fueled by salty Charlie Sheen tears.