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If Pixar made Marvel and DC Films 0

I would actually like to see Pixar Batman. I reckon it’d be campy like the original series. continue reading »

If X-Men were Star Wars Characters 0

Seeing Han Solo as Gambit has made my day 🙂 continue reading »

Batman has Anger Management Issues 0

When he said “My parent are dead!” I was waiting for Robin to say “So are mine, but that’s no reason to be a dick, Batman!” continue reading »

The Cost of Being Iron Man 0

Apparently, it costs $930,265,650 more to be Iron Man than to be continue reading »

Iron Man 3 Armour Revealed 0

I’m personally mega excited about Iron Man 3. continue reading »

The Dark Knight Rinses 0

Well… good dental hygiene is just as important to superheroes than regular folk. continue reading »

The Cost of Being Batman 0

I’ve often wondered this: How much money would I need in order to become Batman? continue reading »

Angry Batbirds 0

Rovio, please turn this into a proper game. I will send you a blank cheque, just please make it! continue reading »

The Men Behind the Mask 0

Batman! Batman! Batmen. I’ll be honest there’s a few here I don’t recognise. continue reading »

Batman: The Movie – Amiga Game 0

This is one of the first video games I remember playing. continue reading » is powered by supercharged mountain lions fueled by salty Charlie Sheen tears.