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If Pixar made Marvel and DC Films 0

I would actually like to see Pixar Batman. I reckon it’d be campy like the original series. continue reading »

Honest Skyfall Trailer 0

I loved Skyfall, but it did raise a few questions. continue reading »

Lego Hanging 0

Ah… we may have a slight problem… continue reading »

Porn Movie Parodies 0

I’m not sure I like the look of the Seinfeld one, although I reckon the Big Bang Theory one has a lot of potential! continue reading »

Retro Movie posters of modern films 0

These are amazing. I wish some of these great actors were alive to star in these blockbuster films. continue reading »

Sci-Fi Sunday: Them! 0


Them! is a 1954 American black and white science fiction film about man’s encounter with a nest of gigantic irradiated ants. It is based on an original story treatment by George Worthing Yates. It was developed into a screenplay by Ted Sherdeman and Russell Hughes for Warner Bros. Pictures Inc., and was produced by David Weisbart and directed by Gordon Douglas. It starred James Whitmore, Edmund Gwenn, Joan Weldon and James Arness.

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Sci-Fi Sunday: The Day the Earth Stood Still 0


The Day the Earth Stood Still is a 1951 American science fiction film directed by Robert Wise and written by Edmund H. North based on the short story “Farewell to the Master” (1940) by Harry Bates. The film stars Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal, Sam Jaffe, and Hugh Marlowe. In the film, a humanoid alien visitor visits Earth with a warning, accompanied by the powerful robot, “Gort”.

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Sci-Fi Sunday: Fiend Without a Face 0


Fiend Without a Face is a 1958 British black-and-white science fiction film directed by Arthur Crabtree. It tells the story of mysterious deaths at the hands of an invisible life-form that steals human brains and spinal columns. The film was based upon Amelia Reynolds Long’s 1930 short story entitled “The Thought Monster” that was originally published in Weird Tales magazine.

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The Amazing Spiderman Trailer 0



This actually looks pretty cool! It’s good to see the co-founder of Facebook moving on. Good for you, buddy. Good for you.

Redneck reviews X-Men First Class 0



THIS IS AMERICA! WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO SUPERMAN?! Also made me laugh how he thought the start of the film was set in the middle ages even though an idiot would know it was set in Nazi Germany. is powered by supercharged mountain lions fueled by salty Charlie Sheen tears.