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Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man 0

The Spider-Man films would have been very different if the web came out of his arse! continue reading »

Long Term Relationship Barbie 0

The magic that was once there at the beginning has gone. continue reading »

Skrillex Takes a Shit 0

This is really catchy. I can definitely see why all the kids love this. continue reading »

We Saw Your Boobs – Seth Macfarlane 0

I absolutely loved this song! The best bit is Jennifer Lawrence’s reaction! continue reading »

Yoda runs for Pope 0

The thing is, at 900 years old, he’ll be a relatively young Pope… continue reading »

Spider-Man Kissing Prank 0

The best bit is the Woman who says that she would kiss him “for sure”. Well he’s right here! continue reading »

You might have a drinking problem… 0

… if you drink 10-20 continue reading »

Every relationship summed up by a drumming duel 0

Kebab. Kebab settles all arguments. continue reading »

Valentine’s Day in Texas 0

Valentine’s Day in Texas is a magical time where men take the day off from chasing and beating “Queers” to pay attention to their wives. continue reading »

Genuine Holiday Complaints 0

From Thomas Cook Holidays listing some of their UK clientèle’s genuine complaints. continue reading » is powered by supercharged mountain lions fueled by salty Charlie Sheen tears.