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How to make a sandwich in space 0

So now you know… Tortillas are the food of Astronauts! continue reading »

A Guide to Zombie Survival 0

Run. Always run! continue reading »

Thor’s Hammer Weighs as Much as 300 Billion Elephants 0

Science has all the answers. continue reading »

Science Fiction Vs. Science Fact 0

I found this really interesting. This is a rather frank look at the Science Fiction elements of Star Trek. continue reading »

L.A Noire blooper reel 0

I knew that L.A Noire used real actors and motion capture but it’s really strange to see the the computerised characters mess up their lines… and burp. continue reading »

The Science of Orgasms 0

Science is sexy, but there was no need to show a picture of a baboon’s bum when talking about the Vagina! continue reading »

What people in 1899 thought the year 2000 would be like 0

Flying fire fighters? Wouldn’t the heat and the up-draft cause them to, you know, die? continue reading »

Science of Beer Goggles 0

Dear Science. Please invent anti-beer goggles contacct lenses. Sincerely, the Male Species. continue reading »

Where Apple get their ideas 0

We’re on to you, Apple!
continue reading »

The History of SPAM 0

Wow, SPAM has been around for a while! I’m just amazed that it was still in a can even before cans were invented!
continue reading » is powered by supercharged mountain lions fueled by salty Charlie Sheen tears.