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This is so funny! I knew stationary was bad ever since I first used a pen. I found it in the playground and thought that it was a nice looking pen, so I put it in my pocket. We always used pencils in primary school, so using a pen was quite a rare occasion. I started to use the pen, and it was quite a hot day, so I was rubbing the sweat of off my face like you do. The girl opposite me started to scream.

I’d gotten blue ink all over my face and I started to cry. I didn’t know what to do! I didn’t know what ink was made of or how poisonous it was, so I assumed I was going to die! Adam Wilkins had to escort me to the toilets, which meant passing all of the other class rooms. I had to shield my face from them. I took bloody ages to get off. I was quite upset and shaken up too. It was a bloody nice pen and I had to put it in the bin

Stationary is bad!

Email me your encounters with evil stationary.

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Welcome to Banana Logic. We are officially open for business! After months of hard work and not focusing on exams, I’ve finally finished it!

I’ve been working on a site, in some form or another for a very long time now. Ever since my last one got shut down, I’ve been working on something. I’ve been scrapping together content for nearly two years now and have revived some of the old stuff from The Factory. After playing round with designs and numerous failed attempts to get a site together, the results are what you see before you.

This site underwent many different design and name changes before it even made it to the hosting stage. Two days before I purchased the domain and hosting, I changed the name to Banana Logic. It was originally going to be called “Forum 9”, which to the vast majority won’t make any sense. It was a secret forum on an old message board that I used to visit. Only the Admins, Moderators and their friends were allowed to use it. I thought it gave the site a cool, secretly feel. The name “Banana Logic” was on a Honda car advert. I thought it sounded cool and lots of potential for contests and prizes and gave the site a theme.

I have missed owning a site. My enthusiasm seemed to have going up and down in the past few years. One week I’d be working on content and designs, and the next I’d be down the pub and forget all about it. This is by far the closest by far I’ve got to a completing a site.

I’m hoping that this site will become bigger and more popular than I had experienced in the past. I’ve got plenty of tricks up my sleeve and there’s lots more to come out of this site yet I can assure you.

A good tradesman never reveals his secrets, however, I am not a good tradesman. Here are the tools I used to create Banana Logic.

To celebrate the opening of Banana Logic, I have decided to pull out all stops and offer our loyal visitors…

FREE MONEY!!! is powered by supercharged mountain lions fueled by salty Charlie Sheen tears.