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Rejected Twilight Zone Episodes [Slightly NSFW] 0

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Young Justice 0



I watched the first episode of Young Justice on Monday night and I must admit I thought it was pretty awesome! It’s not too kiddy and I was was expecting it to have a Ben10 kind of feel to it. The pilot aired on the 26th November (My Birthday) and the series is due to kick off in January 2011!

Young Justice revolves around the sidekicks of super heroes, including Robin, Aqua Lad, Kid Flash, Super Boy and Miss Martian. After feeling undervalued by the Justice League, they form their own group to carry out covert missions on their behalf.

Like I say I’m really looking forward to the series officially starting!

Click here for the post I did about the Trailer!

BlackBox TV 0


There’s a web series I’m watching at the minute which has to be one of the best things I have ever seen on YouTube… BlackBlox TV.

It’s kind of like the Twilight Zone, only a lot shorter and creepier. Everything about it is brilliant; the camera work, editing, the plots etc. You should totally go and check it out if you’re in to things that are a bit eerie and strange!

The teaser/trailer for it is below:


The Fonz 2


Awesome! A much better role model than you know who.

Linux adverts 0


I love these Linux adverts.

In my mind, I’ve always known that Linux was a sexy woman. Whenever I think of OS’ and their respective users, I always think of a businessman using windows, a Yuppie using a Mac, and a sexy lady using Linux. Is that wrong?

I like this one. Microsoft like to update Window’s appearance in major releases, but it was nearly 6 years before they released Vista, and 8 years between XP and 7.

You might laugh at this one, but Leopard is actually built on the Linux Kernel. So when you’re using Leopard, you’re really using a sexified (and an expensive) version of Linux. Microsoft have also borrowed ideas from Linux here and there. I can’t think of many off the top of my head though.

Neighbours 2


Neighbours has really gone down hill in the last year or so. I used to watch Neighbours religiously and have been watching it for as long as I can remember.

It just seems as though they’re recycling the same old story lines over and over again and that they’re running out of ideas. One of the things I don’t like is how they’ve tried to appeal to a younger audience and focus more on the kids. It’s just getting dead predictable.

One of the more annoying storylines over the last year or so is Susan being a surrogate mother to Libby and Dan’s baby. She must be pushing 60 and has MS. She was only given a year to live… 3 years ago! No normal person would allow their terminally ill mum, who’s living on borrowed time, to have a baby! Come on!

I think it needs a big shake up and having guest stars like Lily Allen just doesn’t cut it. Don’t get me wrong, I like Lily Allen (I actually fancy Lily Allen), but she didn’t really add anything to the show.

It’s quite sad really when I think about it. A show I once loved dearly has now been run into the ground so hard, you can see the imprint in China from space.

The Twilight Zone 0


The Twilight Zone Original series (1959-1964)

Over the past few months, I’ve really gotten into classic science fiction TV and films. One show in particular, The Twilight Zone, has got me completely hooked. I watch at least one episode every night. When I’m away from my Laptop I put some episodes on my phone. That’s how hooked I am! You have to admire the imagination of Rod Serling and there’s something poetic about his introductions that you just don’t get today. Here are some of Rod Serling’s quotes. You can’t help but get drawn into the stories and after watching it for a while, you don’t care that you’re watching it in black and white.

Some of my favourite episodes are ones that involve space, or space travel in anyway. The tin “Rocket ships”, and ‘60s prediction of technology in the future is now laughable, however you must remember that these were written before we’d even managed to leave the atmosphere. To know that we were working on a space program must have been quite exciting and must have captured the imagination of almost everyone in the ‘60s. I would have love to have lived in the sixties… I look good in a suit.

I’ve not seen any of the ‘80s and naughtie’s revival episodes yet, but I plan on watching them after I’ve watched the entire original run. The revivals might ruin it for me!

I’ve been watching The Outer Limits as well when I get the chance. I find it harder going than The Twilight Zone. The episodes are an hour long and seem to take ages to  build up anything. Don’t get me wrong, I like it, but I prefer The Twilight Zone! is powered by supercharged mountain lions fueled by salty Charlie Sheen tears.