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The first Ad on the Internet 0

Apparently, this was the first banner ad to appear on the World Wide Web (remember that’s what we used to call it?) nearly 20 years ago. continue reading »

How video trolling was invented 0

RIP Windows Live Messenger 0

Another piece of my childhood is about to die. continue reading »

New Twitter Verifications 0

I can see the out of touch corporate account accounting for 99% of Twitter accounts. continue reading »

Philosoraptor Song 0

My favourite one those these was “Why is their Christmas on The Flintstones?”. continue reading »

How Google makes its money 0


Via: Geekosystem.

Realistic Google+ Circles 0


Yep, these are more realistic!

Via: Happy Place.

Difference between Facebook and Twitter 0


Very true. I hate most of the people I have on Facebook (excluding actual friends of course), but like most of my Twitter friends.

Via: OtownPyle.

Google+ Tips, Tricks and Cheatsheet 0


Via: Lifehacker.

Are we too obsessed with Facebook? 0


Are you obsessed with Facebook? continue reading » is powered by supercharged mountain lions fueled by salty Charlie Sheen tears.