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The Twilight Zone 0


The Twilight Zone Original series (1959-1964)

Over the past few months, I’ve really gotten into classic science fiction TV and films. One show in particular, The Twilight Zone, has got me completely hooked. I watch at least one episode every night. When I’m away from my Laptop I put some episodes on my phone. That’s how hooked I am! You have to admire the imagination of Rod Serling and there’s something poetic about his introductions that you just don’t get today. Here are some of Rod Serling’s quotes. You can’t help but get drawn into the stories and after watching it for a while, you don’t care that you’re watching it in black and white.

Some of my favourite episodes are ones that involve space, or space travel in anyway. The tin “Rocket ships”, and ‘60s prediction of technology in the future is now laughable, however you must remember that these were written before we’d even managed to leave the atmosphere. To know that we were working on a space program must have been quite exciting and must have captured the imagination of almost everyone in the ‘60s. I would have love to have lived in the sixties… I look good in a suit.

I’ve not seen any of the ‘80s and naughtie’s revival episodes yet, but I plan on watching them after I’ve watched the entire original run. The revivals might ruin it for me!

I’ve been watching The Outer Limits as well when I get the chance. I find it harder going than The Twilight Zone. The episodes are an hour long and seem to take ages to  build up anything. Don’t get me wrong, I like it, but I prefer The Twilight Zone!

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