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  • on 25.03.2013
  • at 08:30 PM
  • by Brownie

Return of the Fat 0

Hi. My name is Adam… and I’m a fat guy…

… Again…

I didn’t think I’d have to write a post like this for a very long time… But I need to start dieting again.

Since I bought my house, my routine has been waaaay out of whack. Instead of eating well and exercising, I’ve been grabbing quick and easy foods and drinking like a fish. Now all the work on my house is finished I’m still grabbing quick and easy foods but just not burning it off. I think this morning I reached that point where enough is enough and I just can’t carry on like this any more. My trousers are tight. My shirts won’t stay tucked in. I’ve gone up a notch on my belt. My arms feel flabby. Enough is enough.

Starting today, I’m starting eating right, and I might try for the Gym on Wednesday too. My old Gym has closed so I’ll be going to a new Gym down the road from my house. My gym stuff isn’t at my house at the minute which is why I can’t go until Wednesday. This weekend is going to be bad as it’s Easter weekend, I know that, but I won’t let it deter me.

My plan is as follows:

  • This week is all about eating right and getting back into the habit of eating right during the day which is by far my biggest problem. The stuff I eat at night isn’t that bad. My dinners are usually quite healthy and after last year I’ve really cut down on my portion sizes.
  • Gym on Wednesday night. I’m going to the gym, but I don’t know if I’ll actually use the Gym as I’ve never been to that Gym before. You know how Gyms are with things like that.
  • I’m doing the Swimathon on the 28th April so I’m really going to hit it hard in April!
  • By the end of April I hope to be within half a stone of my fighting weight. It’ll be tough, but I reckon I can do it.
  • I’m going to get my scales back and weigh myself everyday. The scales I have are WiFi enabled ones that log your progress. They helped me out loads last time.

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