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SoundWave SW50 Bluetooth Speaker Phone Review 0

I recently got my hands on a SoundWave SW50 Bluetooth Speaker Phone and thought I’d give it a review and share my thoughts.

The speaker is a black triangle shape with gently sloping sides, shiny black plastic with a red speaker in the top. It has a call answer button on the front, an on/off switch on the side and a flashy LED which lets you know it’s connected. I think it looks rather stylish and the combination of black and red makes it look pretty cool.


It came in a small cardboard box and not in a blister pack! Ten points for that alone! In the pack you get a storage pouch and a USB charger cable. My only grip with the charger cable is that it’s a mini-usb and not a micro-usb cable but I have converters for that anyway. It’s not a problem, it’s just that I don’t like to carry too many cables/chargers with me. Again, it’s more my problem than anything.

The instructions are very clear and guide you through the set up fairly easily.

When pairing it, make sure the light is flashing blue/red alternatively and not just flashing blue. This is the mistake I made on my first attempt. I didn’t press the button long enough and basically just turned it on.

After that, it took a couple of attempts to pair for the first time, but once it was paired I’ve had no trouble connecting. All I need to do is turn on Bluetooth on my phone and turn the speaker on. It’ll beep loudly when it connects.


Ease of use
Like I mentioned above, once paired with your device, you can’t really go wrong. Just turn on Bluetooth on your device then turn it on.

Speaker / call quality
Being a Bassist myself, Bass quality is very important for me and it’s the first thing I look for and the first thing I notice with any audio equipment. I’ve been disappointed by speakers in the past as they promise more than they deliver. This speaker doesn’t make any claims on its bass quality, but hot-dog is it bassy! I put it through the Chili Peppers test and played “By the Way” and the bass was fantastic. For such a little speaker it packs a punch!

The call quality is excellent, however I found you have to get quite close to the microphone for the other person to hear you. It’s ideal if you have this on the desk next to you, but if you’re using it in a conference room you might need to huddle round it.

I took it to the other side of my house and it handled it no problem.

I’m very impressed with this little speaker. The bass quality is excellent, setup was fairly painless and the triangular shape and shiny red speaker make it look pretty stylish. This will be a welcome addition to my tech collection.

I would definitely recommend. You can buy this from, here.

[rating: 4.5]

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