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Darth Knight 0

This is a completely custom Darth Vader / Batman action figure mash up. I had a serious nerdgasm when I saw it! continue reading »

Batman chooses his voice 0


Love this. I find Christian Bale’s Batman voice really annoying. No other actor did a stupid voice when they played Batman. Stop it, Christian Bale. Stop it.

Batman Marathon 0


I’d noticed that it’d been too long since I’d seen anything Batman related and decided that I would have a Batman Marathon last weekend. I didn’t quite manage it though. I only managed to get through about 21 episodes of the Batman series! Still really good going though. You have to love how cheesy the series is. If you really really look at it and analyse it, it’s rubbish, but it brilliant at the same time! Adam West is definitely my favourite Batman actor.

I usually watch a couple of episodes of The Twilight Zone before I go to bed, but I think I’m going to start watching Batman instead.

You know what I would really like to see? Christian Bale’s Batman put in the 1960’s Batman series! Literally just plop his character straight in to it! You imagine his dark broody Batman fighting the Cesar Romero Joker!

Best and Worst Batman Actors 0


I wrote an article recently about the best and worst superhero costumes. Well, my favourite superhero is, and always will be, Batman. There’s been a few people play the role of the caped crusader over the years, but everyone has their favourite. I’m no exception. Here are he TV and film actors from the last 50 years in order and how I rate them!


Adam West

THE best Batman EVER! Adam West is a legend. He didn’t need protective armour to protect himself. Silk and Polyester is all the protection he needed! The Bat Mobile was that awesome that it made everything else around it appear faster. Everything else became awesome by osmosis. Adam West’s Batman could climb a vertical building using nothing but a rope with no effort what so ever.

Michael Keaton

I must admit, when I think of Batman films, I immediately think of Michael Keaton. Adam West was great for the Batman TV series, but, to me, Michael Keaton was perfect for the Batman films.

Christian Bale

He’s doing a great job as Batman at the minute, but there’s one reason why he’s not made the top of my Batman film actors list… his growly Batman voice. It seems so fake (and gay).

Val Kilmer

I’ve placed Val Kilmer low down on this list, but it’s not because I didn’t like his portrayal of Batman. I thought he was a great Batman and I would have liked to have seen him do a few more films, but all of the above were better in my opinion. Val Kilmer should have done it instead of…

George Clooney

He should never have been Batman. This film should never have been made. I wish I had never have watched it. Let’s just forget about it.

Week Round up 0


Click to see a GoBanana preview!

How does everyone like the new infographics that I’m posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays? I love facts and figures. They usually confuse the hell out of me though, but I find adding pictures helps me understand them… which is why I like these. So you should be seeing a lot more of those in the future.

I’ll tell you what really made my week this week. When I got home on Friday, waiting for me on my doorstep was a FREE Burrito meal kit! Old El Paso do this thing every month where they pick one person who’s signed up to their newsletter at random each month and send them one of these kits. I cooked it last night and it was brilliant. I love getting free stuff 🙂

Just to give you an update with the new site. I’ve decided to call it “Go Banana!” after a Ralph Wiggum quote. It’s unusual, yes, but you’ll remember it 😉 It’s coming along quite nicely. I’ve got the design together and tweaked a few things here and there. There’s a couple of cool widgets which make it a lot easier for me and automate quite a lot of what I want to do. I’m hoping to get something more concrete next week and hopefully have the site up by the middle of next month. I bought the gobanana.co.uk domain this week but I can’t quite decide on hosting yet. There’s a preview image above.

Follow Go Banana on Twitter.

I wrote a few things Batman related this week which you should see some time in the nex couple of weeks. It got me thinking about the next Batman film and what I’d like to see in it. Although I’m not a massive Christian Bale fan, I would like to see 3 more Batman films with him in.

Next one: Introduction of Robin (Dick Greyson)

After that: Batman breaks his back in a fight and Robin fills in. Evil Villain gets Batmans DNA and creates his “Son” Damien Wayne.

After that: Bruce Wayne dies. Dick Greyson (Robin) becomes the new Batman, and Damien becomes the new Robin.

That roughly follows the comics and I think it would make for good viewing

I’m going to start cataloging my Gamboy and Games console collection this week. I’ve found a plug in which makes it a bit easier for me to do it. I’m just playing around with it at the minute.

Absolutely brilliant day today! After I write this I think I’m going to have an ice cream in the garden. Just as a heads up… if the weather’s nice tomorrow… I might be wearing shorts to work!

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