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Taking Pictures: Film Vs. Digital 0

Very true. Neil Armstrong took 5 pictures when he went to the Moon. Girls take 20 photos every time they go to the bathroom. continue reading »

P.S. Thumbs Up! 0

10 out of 10 for effort! continue reading »

Gamer Level: Asian 0

Like a BOSS!! continue reading »

Zebra Parties 0

The thought had never occurred to me. Next time I go to the Zoo, I’m taking a barcode scanner! continue reading »

Serious Dedication 0

Poor woman. Can’t be easy when your partner goes to war like that 🙁 continue reading »

Hairy Female Celebrities 0

Damn… even with a beard Emma Stone is hot! Did I just say that out loud? Sh*t… continue reading »

Gonna get stuff done today! 0

This is exactly how I start every day… Damn you Internet!! continue reading »

Gaming rule #64 0

Amazing. I wonder how I can make my nose make that PEW PEW noise?! continue reading »

Grow up and get a life 0

Googling yourself 0

I Google myself all the time! Sometimes twice! continue reading »

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