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Genuine Holiday Complaints 0

From Thomas Cook Holidays listing some of their UK clientèle’s genuine complaints. continue reading »

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I know I haven’t written anything vaguely personal for a while. I’ve been that busy adjusting to the new schedule of twice daily posts and with work that I’ve not had time to put anything down.

Work’s been a little hectic the past month or so. It seems to come and go in waves and it can be really quiet and I have nothing to do then be really busy. It sounds daft, but I actually prefer being really busy! I feel really motivated when I’m busy. When I have too much stuff on I fire myself up to get it done but if there’s nothing going on I feel quite miserable.

I’m working on a couple of websites for people at the minute and they’re coming along nicely. One is for the Boys Brigade and the other is for Work’s photo club. I’m struggling a bit with BuddyPress on a Windows server though. I have no access to the server to modify anything so it’s a little awkward, but we’re getting there!

I’ve got my fingers in some exciting pies at the minute. I mentioned a while ago that I’d organised a meetup for Software Testers. Well, because of that, I’ve kind of been absorbed in to a larger group (NottDC) of people who organise similar events for developers, IOS and app development. The idea is that instead of us all shouting about our own individual events (which we will still continue to do), as a group we gain real clout! Our hope is that we can put Nottingham on the map for techie places and people to come and work and play. There’s some great stuff going on and I’m meeting some really cool people.

I’m thinking about starting a new kind of event called WordCamp. They have WordCamps all over the world but only a couple in England. They have one in Manchester and Plymouth, so I think it makes sense to have one smack in the middle of the Country. I actually love WordPress and have recommended it on several occasions to people and I think we could get a fair bit of interest. Already kind of sorted out a venue which is Ace! I have an idea for a speaker.

I’ve been thinking for a while that I want to do more. I want to do things. I want to get out there and do something but have no idea what. I said on Facebook a while ago that I either needed to do something fantastic and brilliant or something completely stupid and f*cked up. This falls in to the Fantastic and Brilliant category. There’s still room in the f*cked up category though 😉

I did the Swimathon the other weekend up in Preston which went really well! I managed to Swim a mile in around 42 minutes and as a team we did it in just under 2 hours! It was a great day out and although I’d swum a mile none stop, I just wanted to get back in and carry on swimming!

I’m enjoying the great weather we’ve been having recently and my T-Shirt tan is coming along nicely 😉

I’m really excited for the site at the minute. It doesn’t look like it over the last couple of weeks, but that’s because I’ve not had a massive amount of time to dedicate to it. We’re on course to have the 6th consecutive best month, which is absolutely fantastic! Every month I keep thinking that this month will go back to how it was before, but it just keeps going up and up!

Sci-Fi Sunday: The Time Machine 0


The Time Machine (also known promotionally as H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine) is a 1960 British science fiction film based on the novel of the same name written by H. G. Wells in 1895 in which a man in Victorian England constructs a time-travelling machine which he uses to travel to the future. The film starred Rod Taylor, Alan Young and Yvette Mimieux. continue reading »

Happy Thanksgiving! What I’m thankful for… 0


We obviously don’t celebrate this in England and I’m not 100% sure what thanksgiving is about. However, one thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of people around Thanksgiving tell each other what they are thankful for. Again, I’m English, so I don’t celebrate it, but I thought I’d share with you what I’m thankful for:

My Family who are always there for me and I know that I can tell them absolutely 100% everything. It’s only recently, I think within the last 6 years that I’ve felt I’ve been able to do this as I was quite reserved as a teenager. So I feel thankful that I am now able to tell them anything

My Friends. I honestly think that I’m one of the most annoying people on the planet and I still find it amazing that other people want to spend any amounts of time with me. So I am truly thankful to them for putting up with me and being there for me. You guys honestly keep me sane.

My Job. You may think that it’s quite sad that I’ve listed my job in here, but I honestly feel that anyone with a job should be truly thankful that they have one at the minute. Also, I find that the field of work I’m in is so inspiring that I’m actually wanting to research and do stuff away from the office. Hence the other blog.

Technology. I’m thankful that I’m living in an age where technological breakthroughs and game changing devices are coming out every 18 months instead of every 30 years! Also, technological breakthroughs in medicine, health care and devices that drastically improve people’s quality of life.

I’m also thankful for living in an age where prejudice and discrimination surrounding race, colour and sexuality is disappearing. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still racism and hatred towards gay people out there but at least we’re heading in the right direction.

Although I moan about this country until I’m blue in the face most days, I’m thankful that I live in a relatively safe and fair country.

Have a great day everyone!

John Terry vs. Wayne Bridge burn! 0


Ahhh Shame! Serves you right!


This is probably the first and last time you’ll see anything sport related on this blog… unless England win the world cup. So, more than likely, this will be last time you’ll see anything sport related as there’s no chance of that happening!

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