So here’s how it will go down… Part 2. 1


Shush Wife!This one is slightly more up beat than the last “So here’s how it will go down” post. You may or may not have noticed that the post frequency has increased. I’m so motivated and I’m loving this site at the minute!

I’ve been working on Facebook and Twitter Integration for the last week or so. It’s working out pretty well, but there’s a couple of things that are annoying me, or holding me back. I’ll break these up in to two sections.

Plans: Bananalogic.net

Facebook integration now works perfectly. I’ll do another post about the Facebook Fan Page shortly. I’ve disconnected the site from Twitter for now while I set up a new account. I’m thinking of using my @brownie490 for work/personal stuff, and use a new account for a Bananalogic feed. I think posting Bananalogic related stuff on my @brownie490 account is doing me more harm than good at the minute. So I want to split it up and ask my followers to stay with me if they want me and professional stuff, and follow the Bananalogic feed if they want those as well. That way they get a choice instead of me forcing it on them. I think I’m losing followers due to my lack of professionalism as well.

Plans: [ESC]ape Testing

The theme has annoyed me from day 1. It looks great, but it’s not very flexible and doesn’t allow me to do anything cool. Also the Twitter Integration side of things doesn’t work. So I’m thinking of setting up a new theme that more magaziney looking. I’m tempted to re use the old GoBanana! theme. Miiiiighty tempted.

So lots of exciting things going on at the minute!

In Summary

Bananalogic will link to Facebook and a new Twitter account, so you have the option to opt in and out without hurting my feelings.

[ESC]ape Testing will link to Twitter and a redesign is on the cards!

Why you no do Sci-Fi Sunday any moar?! 0


You may or may not have noticed that Sci-Fi Sunday keeps coming and going and isn’t very consistent. Some weeks I do one and some weeks I don’t. There’s a very simple reason for this: I don’t always get the time to sit down and watch films on Sundays. I’ve been up and down the country since the beginning of the month so I’ve not had a couple of hours to myself where I can watch a film. I do, however, have a stupid amount of free time in the week. I still really want to do it, it’s just fitting it in

So there are two options that I’d like to run past you, dear reader, regarding where I should take it.

a.) I either carry on as I am and post Sci-Fi Sundays on Sundays after watching a film on Sunday.

b.) I watch a couple of films in the week and post the write up on Sunday.

I’m leaning more towards option b at the minute. It means that I’ll be able to post EVERY Sunday, but it does mean that I am technically lying to you about watching that film that day. I don’t suppose it really matters as none of you will be sitting down with me and checking. Unless you’re planning on coming round and keeping me company 😉

Let me know. I’m thinking of doing option b starting this week and seeing how it goes.

I’m on holiday until Tuesday now! 5 day weekend! Woo hoo! It’s my birthday on Friday, so I’ve booked a couple of days off, and it’s my Brother’s birthday on Monday… so I have that off as well.

Should be a good weekend, but I’ll talk about that more on Friday.

New post on [ESC]ape Testing as well today! Go check that out!

The Coollest of the cool 0



Thought I’d give you an update as to the progress I’m making with the preparations for when I go on Holiday. Im on holiday from Friday 15th and coming back on November 1st. I’ve written about a weeks worth of posts so far. Instead of doing my usual Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule, I’m thinking of going all out and doing Monday – Friday posts. Sci-Fi Sundays will take a break as well. It’s not that I don’t enjoy them, it’s just that I’d sooner enjoys the films for a while and not write about them afterwards 😉

I’ve written a couple of posts for [ESC]ape Testing as well, but I’m still having problems with the post scheduler. Damn thing!

That’s what’s going on with those…

I need to get my arse in gear and head back to the gym at some point. I’m hoping to go this week. I’ve been comfort eating a lot recently and I’ve filled out a little. So I need to knock that on the head as soon as!

Stupid dog shit laptop! 0


I think I have a virus on my laptop and I have no idea how to get rid of it. It’s been acting up for a couple of days now. I noticed that I keep getting random tabs opening themselves in Firefox which go to one of those sites that bring up a pop up and won’t let you close it unless you click the OK button. Clicking cancel just brings the message up again, and pressing the X does the same. If you click OK, it brings up a download box. If you click cancel on that it starts the whole thing off again. Stupid thing. Then Windows Host Service crashes and makes my PC look like dog shit.

Doing a system restore hasn’t fixed it. That’s usually fixes 90% of the problems I have like this.

I’m trying to get as much stuff off it as I can and I hope to reformat it at the weekend. The thing is though I’ve got about 100GB of stuff on this hard drive and it’s going to take forever to copy over my Wireless network. Suppose I could always start things off copying then watch a film or something? That’ll pass the time.

So that’s my weekend taken care of then! Yay!

I really want this week to be over. I’m mega busy at work at the minute, but I know that it should all be done and dusted by Friday. So that’s kind of an incentive enough for me to battle on with it. My last job was like this all time and it drove me mental because it was never ending! It was just a constant barrage of shit, whereas at least now I know there’s an end to it 🙂 I might talk about it more on [ESC]ape Testing on Friday, although I have two possible posts in mind already. One is about how outsourcing can’t possibly benefit an organisation and the other is about the Software Testing job market. I’m thinking the latter is more appropriate, but I’m still undecided. I may carry on writing both anyway and queue them up.

I’m working on quite a few posts at the minute as I’m hoping to go on holiday pretty soon. I want to take a break from Blogging for a bit as well just to give me a break and to recharge my batteries, but I don’t want it to affect any of my sites. So I’m writing loads of things now and queuing them up. When I do go on holiday, it will still look like as though writing stuff on my usual Monday, Wednesday, Friday (A post here and on [ESC]ape Testing) schedule when in fact I’ll probably be passed out in a pool of beer and Pringles!

New project explained 0


I had an idea on Friday for a little fun side project. If you know me in person, you’ll know that I like wearing interesting T-shirts. Why not make something around that? Stay with me. Everyday I’ll post a picture of what shirt I’m wearing and I’ll invite people to send me shirts to wear and I’ll link back to their web site. So they’re kind of getting free advertising, I’m getting free shirts, they will get more sales and I’ll get a bit of commission.

Interesting idea?

I might start doing on here from tomorrow and see how it goes. I’ve found I can do it all from my phone in about 2 minute, so it’s not going to be a massive drain on my time. It won’t be the main post tomorrow as I’ve already got something written. I’d like it to be its own site eventually though.

There will be a  another post on [ESC]ape Testing. 3 posts in 1 day! Apologies to my followers in advance!

Did you see the post I did on [ESC]ape Testing on Friday? Go check it out!

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