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RIP Windows Live Messenger 0

Another piece of my childhood is about to die. continue reading »

Zuckerberg: The Musical [slightly NSFW] 0

Slightly NSFW as there’e a bit of bleeped out swearing but a pretty cool video about Facebook’s history. continue reading »

Why you shouldn’t put your number on Facebook 0

The thought had never crossed my mind… but thanks for the idea! continue reading »

That awkward moment… 0

… when a family member adds you on Facebook… and you’re Luke Skywalker. continue reading »

The Avengers Facebook Timeline 0

I saw the Avengers last night. To be honest I was expecting it to be awful but I really enjoyed it! continue reading »

Facebook: Male V. Female 0

I definitely think Facebook is sexist. continue reading »

Video Game Character Facebook profiles 0

It’s good to know that even popular games characters are Facebook whores like the rest of us! continue reading »

Facebook Shower Curtain 0

What would make this better is if it actually integrated with Facebook so that you can update your status whilst in the shower. A man can dream, though. a man can dream. continue reading »

What updating your Facebook status feels like 0

I can agree with this. Sometimes you think that your Facebook status/tweet is the most important status/tweet in human history… but then you remember that no one actually gives a crap. continue reading »

My Scheduled Christmas and New Year 0


Firstly, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. I hope you drank lots and got just as fat as I did.

I had kind of a disconnected Christmas this year. I have been online, but only really on Facebook. continue reading »

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