WIFI wars 0

Because we don’t have anything better to do… continue reading »

Droidfriend: Justin Bieber Boyfriend Parody 0

I find C3PO’s bowl cut slightly disturbing! continue reading »

Basic Maths FAIL 0

I really shouldn’t take the piss as my basic maths skills are terrible. continue reading »

Epic WIN! 0

Approval from her Father AND a free dinner! WINNER! continue reading »

Mega Best Friends 0

Sorry Kid, but you’re well and truly stuck in the friend zone! continue reading »

Disney Princesses as Goths 1


Understanding Physics FAIL 1



FAIL!! Honestly, what did they think would happen?

Student Facebook FAIL! 0


Busted! This is why you shouldn’t have your teachers as friends on Facebook! The guys at CubicleBot think that this is a little too fishy though, and I agree. It does look a little fake. It’s still funny though!

Via: CubicleBot

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