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Avengers Valentine’s Card 0

The best one has to be the HULK one. continue reading »

The Credible Hulk 0

HULK APPROVED!!!!! continue reading »

The Credible Hulk 0

The Credible Hulk must really hate Wikipedia… continue reading »

Old Twitter Logo Cartoons 0

From now on, every time I go to Twitter, I will be thinking “HULK CLAP!!!!!!”. continue reading »

Fan made Superman Vs Hulk 0

Stunning. just. Stunning. Bonus points for making Superman look like Christopher Reeve! continue reading »

The Future Foundation 0


After the passing of the Human Torch, the Fantasic Four take a new direction and ask Spiderman to join forces. I’m not quite sure how I feel about Spiderman joining the new Future Foundation. I hope for the love of God they don’t make a movie out of it! continue reading »

Marvel Comics 0

Some things you may or may not have known about Marvel Comics. continue reading »

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