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The first Ad on the Internet 0

Apparently, this was the first banner ad to appear on the World Wide Web (remember that’s what we used to call it?) nearly 20 years ago. continue reading »

RIP Windows Live Messenger 0

Another piece of my childhood is about to die. continue reading »

Get back to work!! 0

For years I felt guilty at work every time I went on the Internet… continue reading »

Misbehaving Disney Characters 0

Childhood: Ruined. Thanks, Internet! continue reading »

The Internet in the 80s 0

You imagine using these websites in the 80s and imagine how terrible they would have been! This is why you’re glad they weren’t invented 25 years ago. continue reading »

Dr. Who Cats 0

Cats… and Dr. Who… the entire Internet makes their O-Face! continue reading »

Gonna get stuff done today! 0

This is exactly how I start every day… Damn you Internet!! continue reading »

Pokeballs Bra 8

Amazing! I also like the positioning of the control button! continue reading »

Internet Fandom 0


No way is there more Twilight Fans than Star Wars fans. How can more people like gay vampires than epic lightsaber battles?! continue reading »

Thing to do when the Internet is down 0


Via: CubicleBot.

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