Home made LEGO key rack 0

I’m definitely making one of these for my new house! continue reading »

LEGO Mug 0

The possibilities with this mug are endless. Someone should start a competition! Not me, though. Someone else… continue reading »

LEGO Avengers 0

NERDGASM! I hope this will be an actual movie as well as a play set. continue reading »

Shaun of the Dead LEGO set 0

LEGO have said they will make this Winchester LEGO set IF they receive enough interest. continue reading »

Astronaut builds LEGO ISS inside ISS 0

Mind. BLOWN. continue reading »

LEGO Porsche is just… wow! 0


The detail on this is just insane! It makes the stuff you used to make as a kid look like pieces of crap compared to this!


Via: Oh Gizmo!

Cars 2 trailer… in LEGO! 0



This is the most awesomely awesome video evar! Apparently this was commissioned by Pixar, so this makes it an official trailer. All is well with the universe!

Via: Nerdapproved.

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