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First Person Mario Game 0

Make this. Make this NOW! continue reading »

If Anakin hadn’t gone to the Dark Side 0

Awww… He would have made a good Dad… You know, if he hadn’t killed all those kids for no reason… continue reading »

If Pixar made Star Trek 0

The Klingon looks like a bad guy out of Aladdin! continue reading »

Science Fiction Vs. Science Fact 0

I found this really interesting. This is a rather frank look at the Science Fiction elements of Star Trek. continue reading »

Shaun of the Dead… the game? 0

This is an excellent Street of Rage / Shaun of the Dead mash up. I’ll be honest, Shaun of the Dead would make an awesome 16-bit arcade game! continue reading »

Supervillains of Nerds 0

I know plenty of Imposters. “I LOVE Glee! I’m such a Geek”. No. No you’re not. continue reading »

Ninja Turtles: A Tribute 0

I really like this. It’s different and doesn’t try to copy the “traditional” look of the TMNT. Good work 🙂 continue reading »

Out of work action figures 0

Even Action Figures can have a run of bad luck… continue reading »

Marvel Characters in a Ren and Stimpy style cartoon. 0

This is absolutely brilliant. I love the Nick Fury / Snakes on a plane reference! continue reading »

Avenger/Seal Mashup 0

Quite possibly the weirdest mashup of all time… continue reading »

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