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Wheelchair Segway 0

This is a brilliant idea. I hope they continue to develop the idea. continue reading »

Geeks Vs. Hipsters 0

Well, I like Geeks, and I like Hipsters, but who is better? There’s only one way to find out? continue reading »

Washing Machine Dies a Horrible Death 0

Poor Washing machine. All it ever wanted to do was wash clothes! How could you! continue reading »

Why Geeks win in the long run 0

We will prevail! continue reading »

Big Mistake Plate 0

I could definitely do with one of these… continue reading »

Giant playable pinball building 0


I would love to play this. continue reading »

LEGO Porsche is just… wow! 0


The detail on this is just insane! It makes the stuff you used to make as a kid look like pieces of crap compared to this!


Via: Oh Gizmo!

Roomba Kinect 0



Surely the whole point of the Roomba is that you don’t have to do the hoovering yourself. To me, this is like sticking handles on an automatic door!

Via: Oh Gizmo!.

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