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Evolution of PC Games 0

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Cool Portal PC Case Mod 0

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Stupid dog shit laptop! 0


I think I have a virus on my laptop and I have no idea how to get rid of it. It’s been acting up for a couple of days now. I noticed that I keep getting random tabs opening themselves in Firefox which go to one of those sites that bring up a pop up and won’t let you close it unless you click the OK button. Clicking cancel just brings the message up again, and pressing the X does the same. If you click OK, it brings up a download box. If you click cancel on that it starts the whole thing off again. Stupid thing. Then Windows Host Service crashes and makes my PC look like dog shit.

Doing a system restore hasn’t fixed it. That’s usually fixes 90% of the problems I have like this.

I’m trying to get as much stuff off it as I can and I hope to reformat it at the weekend. The thing is though I’ve got about 100GB of stuff on this hard drive and it’s going to take forever to copy over my Wireless network. Suppose I could always start things off copying then watch a film or something? That’ll pass the time.

So that’s my weekend taken care of then! Yay!

I really want this week to be over. I’m mega busy at work at the minute, but I know that it should all be done and dusted by Friday. So that’s kind of an incentive enough for me to battle on with it. My last job was like this all time and it drove me mental because it was never ending! It was just a constant barrage of shit, whereas at least now I know there’s an end to it 🙂 I might talk about it more on [ESC]ape Testing on Friday, although I have two possible posts in mind already. One is about how outsourcing can’t possibly benefit an organisation and the other is about the Software Testing job market. I’m thinking the latter is more appropriate, but I’m still undecided. I may carry on writing both anyway and queue them up.

I’m working on quite a few posts at the minute as I’m hoping to go on holiday pretty soon. I want to take a break from Blogging for a bit as well just to give me a break and to recharge my batteries, but I don’t want it to affect any of my sites. So I’m writing loads of things now and queuing them up. When I do go on holiday, it will still look like as though writing stuff on my usual Monday, Wednesday, Friday (A post here and on [ESC]ape Testing) schedule when in fact I’ll probably be passed out in a pool of beer and Pringles!

Chipping a tooth 0


I think I’ve chipped a tooth 🙁

I noticed it last night when I was eating. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had reoccurring dreams where I’m losing my teeth, so finding something wrong with them is kind of like a nightmare come true. I’ve booked a dentists appointment for next week, but there’s not much they can do with it if it is a chip, is there?

Had a really busy day today. Well, it wouldn’t have been busy if my PC had have worked in the morning. It suddenly decided that instead of being a desktop PC, it wanted to move into other areas of furniture and stop working. So it didn’t get working until midday. Everything seems to be a bit full on and out of my hands and the minute.

Short post today. I’m knackered and really just want to sit and watch Batman in my pants. Feel free to join me.

Hello, IT… 4


There are certain phrases that I come across fairly regularly while working in IT that really annoy me. I’ve tried to list them below. A few of these aren’t things I get regularly, but annoyed me enough that they needed mentioning.

“You’re good on the computer…”

Seriously… It’s not a fricking saxophone.

“The Internet is broken!”

Trust me if the Internet was broken there would be world wide panic. Not just you not being able to access Facebook.

“Are you on Email?”

What? Are you on telephone? Are you on post? I use Email, yes. I’m not on it!

“Inbox me…”

This one really gets me riled. Actually, now you’ve said that I’m thinking of Junk mailing you from my sent mail…

After reformatting a computer: “Have you put Google on it?”

Ahhhh… I knew there was something I missed.

“Send me the Earl”

The… what? Do you mean URL? Hi Earl!

“The guy in the shop was using this to touch the screen. Why doesn’t it work when I do it!”

Because that’s the antenna for your wireless card. He just happened to have one in his hand when he was showing you the computer. He was using the mouse, but just pointing at the screen with the antenna. You don’t have a touch screen monitor.

“Which one’s the right mouse button? Do you mean the one on the right, or the “correct” one?”

Yes, seriously.

“I’m not very good at following instructions…”

After trying to get a client to insert a USB stick… for 45 minutes.


“Right click…”


“Right click, and click New Folder…”


“Just here, look. Where I’m pointing”


Asking someone to make a new folder.

“I don’t understand all that computer crap!”

Thanks. Thank you for referring to my trade, the reason why I get up in the morning, as “that computer crap”. Next time I go to the hospital, watch the nurses face when I refer to her job as “that nursing shit”.

This one requires a little explanation. All my friends were on holiday together and I didn’t go as I couldn’t afford it. The Dad of one of the girls was having problems with his PCs (he’d installed the same virus riddled software on both PCs) and I said I’d take a look. As he was the owner of a care home and his PCs contained sensitive information, I wasn’t allowed to take the PCs away with me. Fair enough. Monday night, I was there from 7pm to 10pm. I didn’t have what I needed to fix it, so I needed to come back the next day with the right stuff. Tuesday I was there from 7pm to 4am! I had to be in work for 8:30am! While packing my stuff up, he was pleased that I’d singled handedly saved his business from ruin and retrieve all the files that were nearly lost to the ether, however just before leaving, he was a little annoyed about something. He was a little annoyed that I’d not retrieved a hidden folder containing his secret porn stash! I went back on the Thursday night to fix a few more issues and to set up his home surveillance system to work on his PC (7pm to midnight). I’d spend 17 hours of my week fixing his PCs. He then text me on the Friday night because his PC wouldn’t play a bastard DVD. I ignored it and never went back.

One thing I’ve learned so far about “being good on the computer”, is that no one thanks you when it works, it’s automatically your fault and your responsibility to fix it when it’s broke and people huff and puff at how long it’ll take to fix it!

Vlog: Reformatting a PC 0


At 10pm I’m still at it. Sorry this one wasn’t a funny one.

The consequences will never be the same 0


I love it when people try and talk about a subject and have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about! I mean, we all do this from time to time, but this is when you’re trying to tell someone exactly what the problem is but they’re having none of it because they “know better”.

I’ll give you an example of this. We have a PC in my house which is getting on for around 6 years old. It’s clogged up, knackered and needs reformatting. It only gets used about once every 2 months. My Dad needs to use it to do his invoices. When a PC takes a long time to do anything, a normal person would sit and wait patiently. They would maybe get a little annoyed that it was taking a while. What does my Dad do? Swear at it. Hit the keyboard until a key comes off. Push the mouse off the desk, then turn it off at the plug. If your PC had frozen up, you might think about turning it off. But not when some thing’s taking a bit longer to load than you’d like it! How does turning it off help? Now you have to sit and wait for it to boot up again and get annoyed with it… the same as you did 20 minutes ago the last time you turned it on! I told him that he needs to wait and turning it off at the plug is only going to make it worse…

One of his counter-arguments was “I’ve been using a computer for 15 years! I THINK I KNOW HOW TO USE IT!!!!”. Oh Yeah? Then how come you have to ask me every time you need to make a new folder? Or what the fuck “Drag and Drop” means? I’ve also been using a computer for 15 years. I’ve installed retail systems and set up systems to work over a geographical area the size of China. Who’s more qualified to know what turning a PC off at the plug whilst it’s trying to do something does?

This video reminded me of this:

Sorry. Very ranty today. I’d been geared up to make a video tonight, but because of all this going on I’ve not had a chance.

Scareware is Scary! 0


I’m ever so slightly worried at the minute with the amount of people who seem to be contracting the same virus. I’ve had this twice, removed it from some one else’s PC, and am due to remove it from a mate’s PC sometime in the next few weeks.

It’s one of those Anti-virus Scareware type applications that automatically down loads itself onto a users PC, pretends to scan for virus, then falsely claim that their software is the only one that can heal the infected files but the catch is that you need to enter your credit card details in order to activate it. Under no circumstances should you enter your credit card details as this is a phishing scam!

Like I say, I’ve removed it a few times, so here’s how I’ve done it. A lot of web sites tell you do mess around with your registry. Trust me, you can do a lot of damage if you don’t know what you’re doing in the registry.

First off, restart your PC in safe mode. To do this, continuously tap F8 when it boots up until you see the following. Select Safe Mode using the keyboard and press enter.

Once everything has loaded, you need to select System Restore. I’ve shown this in Windows Vista below.

Once System Restore has loaded, select a restore date a few days before the problem started.

Let your PC do its job and restart. Once it’s restarted, you should no longer have the dodgy software!

Hope this helps.

The Internet 0


A colleague of mine mentioned the other day…

“What did we do before Google?!”

Well… what did we do before Google? I used Lycos and Ask.com before I discovered Google. I used Lycos’/Tripod’s site builder and it make sense that I used their search as it was just there. I think I only started using Google when they introduced image search (or they’d had it for a long time before that and I’d just discovered it).

When I first started accessing the Internet over 10 years ago, MSN messenger really the only social networking thing available and that was only used by Geeks (I know because me and about 3 people were on it). Their was no YouTube, Facebook, Twiiter… or any other social networking for that matter. A Tweet was something a bird did, and “accessing Myspace” was a sexual innuendo. If you wanted to talk to your friends, you needed to know their email addresses and you had to send them an email. If you wanted to share photos, you had to scan them in and email them. If people wanted to know your “status”… they had to ask. If you wanted to poke someone, you needed to know where they lived.

Accessing the Internet from your Mobile was unheard of. WAP was rubbish. Only a handful of web sites were WAP enabled and trying to access them from your phones was like trying to peel an apple with a rake. We had to wait until we got home to see what people were doing.

Back then, we couldn’t do something simple that we take for granted now, like making a phone call AND be on the Internet at the same time. We could either use the phone, or use the Internet. Not both. Wireless didn’t exist. So if I wanted to sit on my sofa and browse Newgrounds.com, I had to dismantle the phone, plug it into my laptop and ensure that my charger would reach.

We were using IE 4, and didn’t have things like Tabbed browsing, integrated search, accelerators and toolbars. Browser choice was limited. You could use Netscape Navigator, but a lot of web sites just weren’t compatible with Netscape Navigator as most people used IE.

Internet speeds were terrible. We used Dial up and had to pay according to what we viewed, almost like a pay per view. 50MBps? Pfft, 56 kbit/s! That’s roughly 1000x slower. If I needed to download an MP3, it took me half an hour and would kill my PC. I can download an album in under a minute now and it doesn’t affect my PC in the slightest.

If Videos “Went Viral”, it meant that 10 people had probably emailed it you… And it was probably a video of a monkey sticking its finger up its bum, sniffing it and fainting or the annoying dancing baby from Ally Mcbeal.

I don’t want to sound like an old man here, but this is how much everything has changed in the last decade. The Internet has gone from something we might access for 20 minutes a night on our dial up connection from the family PC, to an integral part of every day life available to who ever, where ever and when ever we want it.

Half Term 0


I love half terms. Not because I’m still in school. I’m long past that. What I love is that fact that my total commute time is halved and I can have an extra 10 minutes in bed! From eyes open to logging into my work PC took me half an hour the other day! It usually takes me just over half an hour to drive into work.

The council once said that there were no more cars on the road during term time than there were during half term, which is a load of rubbish. During term time it take me 10 minutes to get to the end of my road, where as after 10 minutes during half term I’m practically at work. I would say that there are about 5 times as many cars on the road during term time.

How I see it, there are three types of drivers on the roads during rush hour:

Commuters – These people are on auto pilot. They do the journey every morning, they know exactly where they’re going, what lane they need to be in and can actually drive properly. During half term, the roads are much smoother, traffic moves freely and there are very few accidents.

Parents Dropping kids off – Dropping diddums off at school. Most of these people are the worst drivers in my opinion and really really annoy me in the mornings. It’s mostly people who have no idea where they’re going and cause most of the accidents in the mornings.

What I usually find is that traffic comes to a complete stand still in certain places because one inconsiderate parent HAS to drop their kids of at the school gates… but parks in the middle of the road because there are no spaces. It’s not like your child will be kidnapped if you drop them off a bit down the road.

Other things that cause traffic jams are people who don’t know where they’re going and need to change lanes. I don’t mind people changing lanes, but these people will drive down lane A, which is clear, stop, then indicate to get into lane B which is full of cars. So now lane A and B are both stopped because someone’s needlessly blocking it.

White van drivers – On the road all throughout the day but particularly annoying during rush hour. Please see the post I did on White Van Drivers.

I’m looking forward to the 6 weeks holiday as it means I get 6 solid weeks of good drives into work, lazy mornings and idiot free traffic. Here’s to summer!

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