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If Pixar made Star Trek 0

The Klingon looks like a bad guy out of Aladdin! continue reading »

Science Fiction Vs. Science Fact 0

I found this really interesting. This is a rather frank look at the Science Fiction elements of Star Trek. continue reading »

Star Trek home theatre 0

So this is how the rich Star Trek fans live? It sickens me! continue reading »

Star Trek Animated Opening 0

Amazing intro. The original series is looking a bit dated, but I watched the “updated” version the other week and they made me want to vomit with rage. continue reading »

How to set up Recurring Tweets 0

I have a Twitter account which I use to post a particular Star Trek reference over and over again. I couldn’t find any free software out there that lets me set up a recurring tweet which would automatically post at certain intervals for free. Most of them are either paid for apps or ones that have been removed from the interwebs for to privacy concerns and breaches of terms and conditions. continue reading »

Star Trek Douche 0

Step away bro’! Nah braw! continue reading »

Make Your Own Star Trek/Supermarket Automatic Pneumatic Door 0


I love this. I’ve always dreamed of having Star Trek style doors in my home, and now, if I completely wreck it, I can! The door looks good from the kitchen side, but looks a little crap from the other side. Good effort though! Another guy did the same thing, here.


Via: LifeHacker.

IBM’s Vision of Technology in the next 5 years 0


Walking censors
I can see this happening. We already have Foursquare, Gowalla and Facebook locations. Why not give information about your surroundings, temperatures, humidity and the like to local weather stations, or sense how many cars have passed you and report traffic updates?

3D holograms
I can 3D being used more, but I think we’re a long way off from when we’re able to walk around with holograms and interact with them like Star Trek Voyager! We have simple holograms now, I can’t see their being MAJOR leaps forwards in the next 5 years

Batteries charging from air or static?
If you’ve been following me on twitter (@brownie490) recently you’ll know all about the problems I’ve been having with phone batteries! I would welcome this with open everything!

Greater use of waste energy
Yes! YES! OH GOD YES! We’re wasting so much energy that is potentially useful these days!

I can’t see this helping. People have sat navs now that can do this, and they still get stuck in traffic like the rest of us!


Via: Dvice

How to make your own Star Trek style sliding doors 0



Very cool! The full instructions can be found here.

Via: Nerd Approved

Star Wars vs. Star Trek 0



Here is a blank cheque with my name on it. Write what ever figure you want on it and I will pay it in order to watch this movie!


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