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Home made R2-D2 Heels 0

Bet you any money Lady Ga Ga will be wearing these when Star Wars VII comes out. continue reading »

If X-Men were Star Wars Characters 0

Seeing Han Solo as Gambit has made my day 🙂 continue reading »

Star Wars edited to make Yoda speak normally. 0

Easier to understand, this is. continue reading »

Star Wars/Winnie the Pooh mashup is adorable 0

Adorable. I love how Eeyore is an AT-AT! continue reading »

Star Wars / Gotye Parody 0

Anyone else just glad that George Lucas wasn’t naked? Just me? continue reading »

Star Wars Propaganda posters 0

This is an amazing Star Wars WWII mashup. continue reading »

Star Wars: The Musical would look FABULOUS! 0

Clang-Clang-Clang went the AT-At! continue reading »

Star Wars Home Theatre 0

This has to be the most impressive home cinema I’ve ever seen! I would spend all my free time in there if that was my house. continue reading »

Baby Star Wars Characters 0

These are just so cute! continue reading »

Intergalactic Star Wars Day 0

Happy Intergalactic Star Wars Day everyone! continue reading »

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