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I wrote an article recently about the best and worst superhero costumes. Well, my favourite superhero is, and always will be, Batman. There’s been a few people play the role of the caped crusader over the years, but everyone has their favourite. I’m no exception. Here are he TV and film actors from the last 50 years in order and how I rate them!


Adam West

THE best Batman EVER! Adam West is a legend. He didn’t need protective armour to protect himself. Silk and Polyester is all the protection he needed! The Bat Mobile was that awesome that it made everything else around it appear faster. Everything else became awesome by osmosis. Adam West’s Batman could climb a vertical building using nothing but a rope with no effort what so ever.

Michael Keaton

I must admit, when I think of Batman films, I immediately think of Michael Keaton. Adam West was great for the Batman TV series, but, to me, Michael Keaton was perfect for the Batman films.

Christian Bale

He’s doing a great job as Batman at the minute, but there’s one reason why he’s not made the top of my Batman film actors list… his growly Batman voice. It seems so fake (and gay).

Val Kilmer

I’ve placed Val Kilmer low down on this list, but it’s not because I didn’t like his portrayal of Batman. I thought he was a great Batman and I would have liked to have seen him do a few more films, but all of the above were better in my opinion. Val Kilmer should have done it instead of…

George Clooney

He should never have been Batman. This film should never have been made. I wish I had never have watched it. Let’s just forget about it.

Best and Worst Superhero Costumes 0


Here, in my opinion, are the best and worst superhero costumes of all time.

Please feel free to disagree with me. Enjoy!


Iron Man

It does everything. It’s bullet proof, can fly, has an inbuilt computer, mobile phone, guns and comes in hot rod red!

Batman (The Dark Knight)

As much as I hate Christian Bale, I love the suit in this film. It was a great idea to allow him to move his head in this one and makes him look less wooden.


Trench coat, hat and a mask. A dead simple disguise, but looks great.


You can’t beat a bloke with a staff, glowing pack of cards wearing a trench coat and can control kinetic energy.


After watching the X-men films, I thought the idea of him in yellow lycra a little disturbing. I loved the disguise before the X-men films and I’m slowly warming to it again.


Wolverine’s Son. He’s not got much of a disguise, but you have to admit he looks pretty cool.


A new comer on the super hero circuit. Although he’s a chubby kid, his suit looks pretty amazing.


Green Lantern

A lot of you may disagree with me with me here.


Awful… Just awful

George Clooney’s Batman

Who’s idea was it to put nipple on the Bat suite? I don’t want to look at your nipples, George.

The Power Rangers – Original series

Nothing but pajamas and a motorbike helmet


Pants on the outside are so 1920’s!

Becoming a Superhero 1


This is basically a re-write of an old guide that I’d written nearly ten years ago. I was thinking about posting it again here, but my writing style has changed considerably since I were 13!

How to become a super hero

    Please be more creative with your costumes...

  1. Hang around in secret labs with renowned and respected professors. If you have the feeling they are evil, stay close by and volunteer for any “experiments”. If you fail to be “volunteered” for an “experiments”, accidentally break or fall into the weirdest looking gizmo you can find. Failing to find any weird looking gizmos… try breathing in the most odd looking coloured vapour you can find.
  2. Now you’ll need to find out what effect the exposure to harmful chemicals has had to you. If you manage not to get Melanoma, you may be able to look or walk through walls, climb buildings or fire lasers out of your eyes. If you have any form of super powers, move onto the next step.
  3. You’ll need a name. The basic superhero consists of the following elements; If you’re male aged 18 or over, your name should end with “Man”. If you’re female aged 18 or over, your name should end with “Woman”. If you’re under 18, the last part of your name should end with “Boy” or “Girl” respectively. The name should reflect what power you have gained. For example, if you find your abilities make you more like a sloth, you should be called “Slothman”, or if you can stretch your body like rubber, you should be called “Rubbergirl”.
  4. You’ll need a disguise. This will need to be as revealing as possible. Capes are great, but as we have all learned from The Incredibles, they get in the way. Capes are so 1940’s. A tight fitting Lycra suit is what you need. The stupider the better. Underwear on the outside is OK, but they must be half decent underwear.
  5. Never EVER reveal your identity.
  6. Ensure that you live in an area densely populated by super villains.
  7. Fall in love with the most accident prone person you can find. Make sure your enemies are aware that you love this person.
  8. Don’t worry, Physics is on your side. If you decide to be a good guy, a Good guy always hits what they aim at, often with a minimum number of shots, however Bad guys can’t hit the broad side of a barn (particularly if the barn contains good guys).
  9. Always be in the wrong place at the wrong time. ALWAYS!
  10. Plan to have a crisis of confidence at some point. Don’t worry, plan to get over it.

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