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Happy Mother’s Day 0

It’s Mother’s Day here in the UK. continue reading »

Genuine Holiday Complaints 0

From Thomas Cook Holidays listing some of their UK clientèle’s genuine complaints. continue reading »

Right! I’m Off On Holiday! 0

Seeing as I’m the kind of guy that doesn’t like taking holidays or sick days (one day holiday, no sick days this year), I’ve got a lot of holidays to use this year. I’ve been fortunate to be given three weeks off work to enjoy the summer. It’s come at a great time as we’ve recently just been very busy and I feel burnt out. continue reading »

Violinist Interrupted By Nokia Ringtone 0

I think he handled this like a boss! continue reading »

Every Pizza Place 0

This is true. What a lot of Pizza places in the UK do is put it in a little plastic bag and tie a knot in it. As it’s on top of the pizza it gets all soggy and warm. You suck at salads, pizza place! continue reading »

Comedy Film Alphabet 0

See how many you can name. continue reading »

Best ever protest sign 0

Now I think about it… it is irrelevant. As long as it happens at some point. continue reading »

Diet update – Week 13 0

It’s been an interesting week diet-wise. Last weekend was Easter weekend in the UK which basically means a 4 day weekend. I basically ate crap for the entire weekend and had lots of Easter eggs continue reading »

Basic Maths FAIL 0

I really shouldn’t take the piss as my basic maths skills are terrible. continue reading »

How to open a beer with your forearm 0

This is quite a cool trick. We don’t have twist top beer in the UK so it’s kind of pointless. continue reading »

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