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Explain how the Cold War started 0

Props to this guy for having the balls to put this on a test! continue reading »

How I feel when texting a girl I like 0

Glad I’m not the only one… continue reading »

Damn Sticky Keys 0

I’ve had the same problem. continue reading »

A rose is not a sign of love. 0

The funny thing is that I have a dozen of these in my bedroom! continue reading »

How I think I look while driving 0

This is not necessarily true… I know without a shadow of a doubt that I look awesome when driving! continue reading »

Geeks talking dirty 0

It’s hard to talk dirty when you’re watching Star Wars. continue reading »

Disney Princesses as Goths 1


Where to buy Chicken Casserole Supplies 0


Good lord! Here, let me Google that for you!

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