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3D Chalk Stop Motion Snake Game 0

This is very impressive. What you have to remember is that he’s doing it from a weird perspective and he’s drawing something different to what you see. continue reading »

Realistic Yoda Head Sculpture 0

Disturbing, this is! Make it stop, I can’t! continue reading »

Tim Burton’s Avengers 0

I’d love to see a Tim Burton style Avngers movie. I wonder if Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter could be persuaded to be in it? continue reading »

Venom Body Paint 0

It took me a while to see this but this is an amazing bit of body art! continue reading »

Bert and Ernie Real Life 0

These are now burned in to the back of my eyes and will haunt my dreams! continue reading »

Stephen Hawking Nipple Tattoo 0

Why?! Just… WHY?!!! continue reading »

Pokémon eye make up 0

These are very creative! The person who came up with these is obviously very talented! Also, this is the first I’m hearing of MissingNo! continue reading »

GlaDOS cosplay 0

Although this is kinda hot… I don’t get why she picked GlaDOS. continue reading »

Zombie Trophy Head 0

Quite frankly, these are disturbingly awesome! continue reading »

Batmobile Drag Race 0

This drags on a bit at the start but it’s well worth a watch! You’ll be very surprised at the result… continue reading »

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