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Back to the Future in 60 seconds 0

The Science of Love 0

Maybe that’s where I’m going wrong in my dating efforts? continue reading »

Honest Skyfall Trailer 0

I loved Skyfall, but it did raise a few questions. continue reading »

Super Modern Mario Bros 0

I love the gruesome blood splatter sound effect! And it just goes to show you that jumping the flag pole is never a great idea! continue reading »

Robot DubStep argument 0

I can’t be sure, but I think the red one won the argument. continue reading »

iPad FleshLight case 0

Gross 🙁 continue reading »

Beware the beard 0

As weird as this sounds, I’d actually love to be touched by this beardy man. I have serious beard envy. continue reading »

Cool Portal PC Case Mod 0

Amazing! I’m impressed at the attention to detail! continue reading »

Aperture Science Dalek 0

I hope they put these in Portal 3. If not, I will pay extra for a Dalek mod! continue reading »

Killer Roomba 0

It’s finally happened. They’ve become self aware and they’ve had it up to here vacuuming your dirty apartment. Now you must die! continue reading »

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