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Funny timeline covers 0

My timeline cover is piss-poor compared to these! continue reading »

Atari at 40 0

This actually surprised me as I thought Atari was dead and buried long ago. Good to see they’re still alive and well! continue reading »

Game of Tech Thrones 0

How happy does Zuckerberg look?! continue reading »

iPad / IPhone ukulele 0

Impressive! continue reading »

Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globes Opening Speech 0

Pissed myself laughing at this. You can tell a lot of the US actors don’t know how to take him. continue reading »

Dark Knight Rises Lion King Parody 0



This is very impressive. For a moment there I actually thought I was watching a Trailer for The Lion King Rises.

Damn it! Now I want to watch the Lion King again!

Via: Mashable.

YouTube 2011 0


It’s been a pretty cool year on YouTube. My favourite new channel this year was Epic Meal Time. It makes me hungry, sick, and ashamed all at the same time! continue reading »

Working over the holidays 0


Evolution of the Microprocessor 0


Fully Sick Rapper in Quarantine 0



I love this guy! What a cool way to pass the time when you’re cooped up in a Hospital!

Via: Mashable.

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