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Oversleeping in the mornings 0


I overslept again this morning 🙁

I woke up at 8:25am! I still made it in before 9am but I hate rushing around. I didn’t get a chance to have a shower or anything, and left my house within 10 minutes of waking up. So I feel a bit grotty today and my hair feel awful. I used to do that all the time, but over the last few months I’ve started to take my time a bit in the mornings and have time for a shower and check Facebook.

I rushed to get in because I thought I had a meeting at 9am, but it turns out it was at 11am. So I didn’t need to cut as many people up as I did in order to get into work!

How’s everyone liking the T-Shirts posts so far? I’m still tweaking bits and bobs from my phone, but it’s getting there. I’ve been doing about 90% of the post from my phone, and I’m hoping that will be 100% tomorrow after I’ve played around with a few things tonight. The tricky bit has been getting the right sizes with the image and caption and fitting it all on the page. You may have noticed that Monday’s picture was about 2000px wide before I had a chance to edit it! Had some good feedback about it, so I think I’ll carry on doing it. I’m hoping to get something basic up by the weekend. I’ve written some things for the new site already so once the design’s done, it’ll be up quite quickly. I think I’m going to close GoBanana! and turn it into a portal to all the other sites I’ve got going on at the minute. I’m probably not going to update it again anyway. Ah well, it was a bit of fun!

I was going to film a Vlog tonight, but I’m absolutely shattered. I’ve got some ideas for the video though, so I might do that tomorrow.

Wow, there’s so much on my plate at the minute!

Tune in tomorrow for another shirt!

Videos from the weekend and Inception Vlog 0



Vlog: Reformatting a PC 0


At 10pm I’m still at it. Sorry this one wasn’t a funny one.

Finally a Vlog worth posting! 2


Hope you like it 🙂

Sex appeal and reoccurring dreams 0


How does everyone like the new layout? I worked really hard on it! It must have taken me the best part of half an hour before I went to the pub last night! The two sidebars just made a lot of sense when I turned it on. It was starting to get a little out of hand with all the feeds and widgets i’d got going on. Everything just looks a lot more readable now. The picture I used in the header was from a set of photos I took while trying to get a photo for the project I’m working on. It’s meant to be me looking clever, however, slightly perplexed by a software issue. Does that come across to you? Someone, mentioning no names, pointed out that it makes me look like a secretary in a porno!

I had this really weird dream the other night where I was losing my hair. It just kept coming out in clumps, and it just felt really real. You know those dreams where you’re absolutely convinced that it’s real and when you wake up, you’re still convinced it’s going on? I had to check my hair when I woke up. I have a reoccurring dream where I lose all my teeth about once a week which is kind of similar. Apparently they mean the same thing:

When you dream your hair is falling out, you may actually be concerned about the decline in your sex appeal or attractiveness. [Source: Analyse Dreams]

Hmmm… My sex appeal has somewhat taken a down turn recently…

If you have a dream that you are losing your teeth or hair, you may want to re-examine how you feel about yourself. Concentrate on your good points and try not to focus on things you cannot change that come with age. [Source: Analyse Dreams]

So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to film my latest Vlog, then I’m going to reflect on all my good points, which should take me all of about 5 minutes.

Did anyone spot the secret link to my Vlog by the way?

White teeth, spanking haircut and moist elbows 0


This week has all been about self improvement. I’ve been to the Gym 3 times, using whitening toothpaste and brushing 3 times a day, had my hair cut yesterday and I’ve been moisturising my elephant elbows all week. I’m totally knackered, but at least I’ve got white teeth, a good hair cut and moist elbows!

I’ve also been trying to cut down on the amount of coffee I drink during day. I usually drink about 6 cups during the day. I’m down to two cups a day, but I started having banging headaches on Wednesday. Had to go to bed early to try and get rid of it.

I’ve not long got back from the Gym actually. I’ve told myself that I was going to use the Jacuzzi and steam room as a treat at the end of the week. So I’ve basically vegged out in there for the last hour! Really sleepy now though. I think it might have to be an early night tonight. Yep, that’s how I roll!

Made homemade kebabs for dinner again. Fridays were made for kebabs 🙂

I’m going to try and go for another bike ride tomorrow, but the weather’s not looking too great.

Follow my dieting progress on Twitter.

I’m working on another little project at the minute, which I’m hoping to get off the ground this weekend. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a little while, but never really had an excuse to do it. All will be revealed in the next couple of days. This is not the Vlog idea I’ve been working on. I’m still mega excited about that, but I’ve still not got the hang of editing videos yet.



I’d like to say I’ve been writing loads of stuff recently, but I haven’t. It’s not that I’ve not wanted to, I’ve just not been bothered to!

Had a weird weekend this weekend. Saturday saw the last day of my 5 day bender. From Tuesday up until Saturday night I’d had a drink every night. That’s quite unusual for me. I used to do that all the time until I realised that drinking every night wasn’t the best thing for my jeans. I did it constantly for a couple of months and it made me really bloated. As soon as I stopped drinking I dropped a jeans size.

I spent most of my weekend watching DVDs. Yesterday I managed to watch the entire X-Men trilogy back-to-back. My favourite one still has to be the first one. I then watched a couple of episodes of Batman. You have to love how cheesy it is!

I’ve been working on some video editing stuff recently too. I’ve been dicking around with jump cuts and trying to add visual effects, but that’s not gone so great. I’m hoping to start Vlogging in a couple of weeks. I may need to buy one of those silver light reflectors, but I’m not sure yet. I’ll keep you posted on the whole Vlog situation

What? They can’t all be zingers!

Random bedroom crap explained 0


I posted an article last week about which camera angle I’m thinking of using for my Vlog. Well, this one won it.

This is in the middle of my windowsill pointing down onto the middle of my bed. After I posted it, I thought i’d annotate it to show what crap I currently have in my room. Click to enlarge the image below to get a better look-see.

As you can see I have lots of crap!

Epic WIN and Video editing… 0


It’s always great to be reassured that you’re doing the right thing by an old friend. I’ve told you I’ve not been going through a great time as of late and I met up with a friend for the first time in ages for a catch up at the weekend. I got some great advice and some reassurance which really helped.

So now I’m happy, and things are looking up 🙂

Ooo… Some Vlog news. I’ve been playing with Software the last couple of days and I think I’ve found one that looks quite good. I’m still playing about with it and messing around with a few things before I actually buy my camera.

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