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Batman Week: The Epic Conclusion 0

Batman week is coming to an exciting end. As well as the stuff you see like the three Batman posts a day,
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Wolverine? Or two Batmans? 0


Cool! It looks like Wolverine, but if you really look at it it’s clearly two Batmans!

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Wolverine on a date! 0



I’m the best there is at what I do but what I do isn’t very nice!

Wolverine’s Son: Daken 0


I remember a while ago I posted an article about the best and worst superhero outfits. One of the people I mentioned within that article was Daken. I’ve noticed a lot of people have never heard of Daken, so I thought I would elaborate a little and tell you a little more about Daken.


Daken is the Son of Wolverine and his late wife Itsu, born shortly after the second World War in 1946 after Wolverine’s spell in the United States army. Whilst Itsu was pregnant with Daken, Wolverine took part in a test of Honour with a local Ninja. After being distracted and accidentally killing a fighter, Itsu was killed in an apparent revenge attack. Whilst Itsu lay dying on the floor, a mysterious man cuts Daken from his dead Mother’s womb, and he was only able to survive such an ordeal due to the fact that he also possesses his Father’s healing abilities.

After being placed in the care of a traditional Japanese family where he is loved and raised as one of their own, they give him the name “Akihiro”. He is well loved by the family and raised as if he was their own Son, however, the families servants and other local families bully him mercilessly and refer to him as a “Bastard Dog”, or “Mongrel” (which translates in Japanese as “Daken”) due to him being half Canadian and half Japanese. After years of bullying and harsh treatment, Daken develops a cold personality to everyone except his farther.

After accidentally overhearing his Mother tell his Father that she does not love him that that she is pregnant with their own child, he begins to plot his revenge. Around a year after the birth, Daken kills the baby. The family disowns Daken and when he tries to make his escape he accidentally extracts his claws and kills his Mother. His Father, who is unable to raise a hand to Daken, kills himself.


Unlike his farther, he lacks a moral compass and will not think twice about killing someone for the fun of it. Even as a child he can be seem killing people in cold blood.

Daken is a master at hand to hand combat and has been seen beating Deadpool and Wolverine on more than one occasion.

Powers and abilities

He possesses an accelerated healing power and is able to rapidly regenerate any damaged skin tissue similar to his Father. Just like his Farther, he possesses retractable bone claws . Daken’s bone claws differ from Wolverine’s in that instead of 3 claws coming out of the back of the hand, Daken has 2 claws coming out of the back, and one that comes out from underside of his wrist. Daken’s claws are made of a composite of bone and metal which allow him to use the claws to cut through metal.

He is naturally immune to telepathy which shields him from attack from other mutants. He is also able to emit a pheromone to attract sexual partners.

Also known as: Dark Wolverine, Wolverine

Vlog: Reformatting a PC 0


At 10pm I’m still at it. Sorry this one wasn’t a funny one.

Best and Worst Superhero Costumes 0


Here, in my opinion, are the best and worst superhero costumes of all time.

Please feel free to disagree with me. Enjoy!


Iron Man

It does everything. It’s bullet proof, can fly, has an inbuilt computer, mobile phone, guns and comes in hot rod red!

Batman (The Dark Knight)

As much as I hate Christian Bale, I love the suit in this film. It was a great idea to allow him to move his head in this one and makes him look less wooden.


Trench coat, hat and a mask. A dead simple disguise, but looks great.


You can’t beat a bloke with a staff, glowing pack of cards wearing a trench coat and can control kinetic energy.


After watching the X-men films, I thought the idea of him in yellow lycra a little disturbing. I loved the disguise before the X-men films and I’m slowly warming to it again.


Wolverine’s Son. He’s not got much of a disguise, but you have to admit he looks pretty cool.


A new comer on the super hero circuit. Although he’s a chubby kid, his suit looks pretty amazing.


Green Lantern

A lot of you may disagree with me with me here.


Awful… Just awful

George Clooney’s Batman

Who’s idea was it to put nipple on the Bat suite? I don’t want to look at your nipples, George.

The Power Rangers – Original series

Nothing but pajamas and a motorbike helmet


Pants on the outside are so 1920’s!

Tangerine? No problem?! 0


I’ve just bought a Wolverine mask from Play.

How cool am I?!

I loved X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Wolverine has to be my favourite X-Man. One thing I thought was odd, was that before his skeleton was fused with Adamantium, his retractile bone claw were knobbly and were about 5 inches longs. After the Adamantium, they’re about a foot long and knife shaped. Strange.

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