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Seeing Han Solo as Gambit has made my day 🙂 continue reading »

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Ace. I wonder who would be Professor X? continue reading »

Redneck reviews X-Men First Class 0



THIS IS AMERICA! WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO SUPERMAN?! Also made me laugh how he thought the start of the film was set in the middle ages even though an idiot would know it was set in Nazi Germany.

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Via: NerdApproved.

X-Men First Class Trailer 0



This actually looks amazing! I’m a massive X-Men fan and I thought that the First Class film would be the final nail in the coffin for the X-Men Franchise, but I’m hopefully optimistic after seeing this.

It’s shaping up to be a great film and I can’t wait for it to be released.

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Best and Worst Superhero Costumes 0


Here, in my opinion, are the best and worst superhero costumes of all time.

Please feel free to disagree with me. Enjoy!


Iron Man

It does everything. It’s bullet proof, can fly, has an inbuilt computer, mobile phone, guns and comes in hot rod red!

Batman (The Dark Knight)

As much as I hate Christian Bale, I love the suit in this film. It was a great idea to allow him to move his head in this one and makes him look less wooden.


Trench coat, hat and a mask. A dead simple disguise, but looks great.


You can’t beat a bloke with a staff, glowing pack of cards wearing a trench coat and can control kinetic energy.


After watching the X-men films, I thought the idea of him in yellow lycra a little disturbing. I loved the disguise before the X-men films and I’m slowly warming to it again.


Wolverine’s Son. He’s not got much of a disguise, but you have to admit he looks pretty cool.


A new comer on the super hero circuit. Although he’s a chubby kid, his suit looks pretty amazing.


Green Lantern

A lot of you may disagree with me with me here.


Awful… Just awful

George Clooney’s Batman

Who’s idea was it to put nipple on the Bat suite? I don’t want to look at your nipples, George.

The Power Rangers – Original series

Nothing but pajamas and a motorbike helmet


Pants on the outside are so 1920’s!

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