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  • on 17.08.2012
  • at 09:30 PM
  • by Brownie

Planning my Holiday Tech 0

As a Geek travelling abroad, I think it’s important that I plan what tech I take with me.

The charger I’m taking with me charges both my tablet and my phone. I’m taking two headphone splitters in case we’re all sat together on the plane and we can split it between 3 of us. Clever, huh?! It’s also just annoying that Airplane seats have those stupid plugs and if you want to listen to listen to the in flight movie you buy to buy an adapter. I bought this about 10 years ago and I’m not buying another one dammit! Also using the adapters, neither will my friends.

Not pictured:
My phone. Has lots of music on it. I used it to take the picture!
Travel plug adapter. Is currently in Greece.
Phone Dock. Currently at work.

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