Article written

  • on 11.03.2013
  • at 07:30 PM
  • by Brownie

My Smartphone is dead. Long live the 3310 0

Well, my phone died this weekend. The screen looks as though it’s just given up on being a screen. The phone turns on, and it sounds like it’s working away nicely in the background, however the screen just shows a colourful “static”. It’s funny it died two days after my contract ended. Funny that…


My backup phone was my old BlackBerry Storm. Remember I told you how much I loved that phone a while ago? Well, it turns out that after two years of being neglected, that didn’t want to work either!


My backup-backup phone is my 3310. I’ve had this phone for around 10 years and it keeps getting pulled out every couple of years or so. It’s funny that all the phones since I had this phone have all broken or died towards the end of the contracts, but this phone has stood the test of time and refuses to give up! I have had to buy a new battery for it about 6 years ago as the original one wouldn’t hold a charge, but on average that’s a new battery once every 6 years so that’s not bad going really and the battery that’s in it now is still going strong.

Thanks 3310 for all your hard work over the years. Here’s to another 10!


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